Review – Fighting for Rain (Rain Trilogy #2) by by BB Easton

Fighting for Rain final ebook

Fighting for Rain by BB Easton
Series: Rain Trilogy #2
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 16, 2020
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The world was supposed to end on April 23, but Rainbow Williams’s world ended days before that. The mass hysteria caused by the impending apocalypse claimed everything she’d ever loved. Her family. Her city. Her will to live.

Until she met him.

Wes Parker didn’t have anything left for the apocalypse to take … he’d already lost it all by the time he was nine years old. His family. His home. His hope of ever being loved.

Until he met her.

Brought together by fate and bound by a love that would last lifetimes, Rain and Wes were prepared to die together on April 23.

They were not prepared for what would happen on April 24.


BB Easton has managed to reignite my love for dystopian romance with this addictively captivating trilogy and my heart hasn’t stopped racing since that epic cliffhanger in Praying for Rain and it was on life-support the entire time I was devouring Fighting for Rain. Just because Rain and Wes survived April 23 doesn’t mean all their trouble are behind them. If anything things are about to get a whole lot crazier because no one was expected to make it to April 24, but the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse never appeared. Learning the dark secrets behind that fateful date will change their lives and the lives of those around them forever. Enemies lie in waiting around every corner and you never know who to trust because friends will turn on you if given an opportunity.

The second book in the Rain trilogy pulled on all of my heartstrings and once again I found myself on the edge the entire time. My heart was all for Wes and Rain and I just knew that these two were beyond perfect for one another, but of course there are always obstacles bound to stand in their way. There were times when I thought my chest was going to explode from those unexpected twist. I didn’t think I was going to survive, especially when Wes did something stupid (luckily he redeemed himself rather quickly, otherwise I would have gone apeshit on his ass).

Oh and don’t even get me started on yet another heart-wrenching cliffhanger ending. So once again I am requesting that Dying for Rain appears on my kindle right this second (at least we don’t have to wait too long)! I cannot wait to see what BB Easton throws at us next time, but fingers crossed it ends in a happily ever after or I don’t think my soul will survive.



About BB Easton

BB Easton lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, with her long-suffering husband, Ken, and two adorable children. She recently quit her job as a school psychologist to write books about her punk rock past and deviant sexual history full-time. Ken is suuuper excited about that.

Praying for Rainis BB’s first full-length work of fiction. The idea, fittingly, came to her in a dream.

If that sounds like the kind of person you want to go around being friends with, then by all means, feel free to drop her a line. You can find her procrastinating at all of the following places:

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Review – Liar by Fiona Cole


Liar by Fiona Cole
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020
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He was my uncle’s friend, and I was too young for him.

But in the heat of the moment, against the wall in a darkened hallway of an illicit club, none of those things mattered. It was just one night of giving in to what we both wanted.

I never expected to see him two years later, sitting across me during a family dinner, encouraging me to do my internship for his business.

On day one we both agree that repeating that night would be a mistake. But it’s a mistake we can’t help but make again and again.

The rules are simple. We can’t tell my uncle. We have to be content with our hotel rendezvous. And we won’t fall in love.

But we both know we’re liars.


Fiona Cole writes the kind of romance that I crave and every time I get my hands on one of her stories, I immediately drop everything that I am doing and dive right in because I enjoy getting lost in the Voyeur world she has created for a few hours. This interconnected standalone series has managed to wiggle its way deep into my soul and just when I think I couldn’t possibly fall any more in love with these characters I find myself wholeheartedly addicted to every part of them.

Kent and Olivia’s story was EVERYTHING that I want in a forbidden age-gap romance and I couldn’t get enough of these two. I know I say this each time, but I think that they might just be my new favorite Fiona Cole couple to date. Their chemistry set my soul on FIRE and my heartstrings were aching as I inhaled all the words. Falling for your uncle’s best friend and business partner might not have been the best choice for our dear sweet little Olivia, but hooking up with him in the first place wasn’t very smart either. One taste of him could never be enough for her and she soon realizes that he might just be her happily ever after, if only she can get over her fears. Kent is my ultimate book boyfriend. He is beyond sexy with cocky attitude and oh boy is he one of the best dirty talkers ever. He consumed me with emotions and I fell deeply in love with his heart of gold!

Liar is a MUST read and I know you all will agree with me. These two couldn’t be more perfect for one another and now I can’t wait to see what Fiona Cole brings us next!



About Fiona Cole

Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. As much as she loved science she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own. Where You Can Find Me is Fiona’s debut novel and will hopefully be the first of many.

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Review – Gray Sin (Kingsbrier Legacy) by Jody Kaye

Gray Sin Ebook Cover

Gray Sin by Jody Kaye
Series: Kingsbrier Legacy
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020
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I was doing my job when I rescued Gracyn. But I should have known better than to bring her back to my cabin. She has a reputation for getting whatever she wants. I’d never considered she’d be interested in someone as old as her father. I wasn’t attracted to anyone so young until that night. Now I’m in bed with the devil, trying to keep my buddies from finding out that she’s everything I ever wanted.


Joe was another one of my parents’ friends not worth paying attention to until he saves me from myself. It was only supposed to be one sinful night. Now, I tempt fate each time I go back for more. I’ve fallen for a much older man and we’re treading in gray waters. To keep him I’ll have to come clean to my family. But does friendship eclipse love?


Gray Sin was the first book that I have read from Jody Kaye and I absolutely loved this was the one that introduced me to her writing style because I love a good older man/younger woman story. Joe and Gracyn’s banter instantly pulled me in and their chemistry set my heart on fire. Their forbidden romance sent butterflies throughout my entire body and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for their bomb to drop…

This story was well written and the pace was perfect for me because I was able to read it in one sitting. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, especially since this book is a spin-off to a previous series, one of which I plan on checking out. I am so glad I decided to give this book a chance and I hope you all do too!


Gray Sin Teaser 2

About Jody Kaye

Jody’s husband asked what she’d been doing all day. After five years she finally confessed, “When no one is around, I write.”

Okay, it was more like trying to get out of saying a thing. Jody’s a writer. You want it pretty. Let’s compromise.

“Just finish one,” he said, challenging her to complete a story and share it. Little did he know that those words of encouragement meant they’d return from a family vacation with a wild and defiant set of quintuplets stumbling their way through life. Wasn’t raising their three sons enough?

A native of nowhere, Jody settled in New England for 17 years before agreeing to uproot her brood of boys and move to North Carolina. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and hoping that her ravenous children haven’t managed to eat all the ingredients before she cooks dinner.

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Review – Where the Little Birds Go (Little Bird Duet #1) by B. Celeste


Where the Little Birds Go by B. Celeste
Series: Little Bird Duet #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020
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High school heartbreak turned Hollywood affair. Read the exclusive here:

When bestselling author Kinley Thomas gets the deal of a lifetime to see her book turned into a movie, the last person she expects to be cast as the leading role is Corbin Callum.

After years of living the dreams that tore them apart, Hollywood will soon force them back together. Because before Corbin became America’s biggest star, he was first Kinley’s biggest mistake.

Too bad for them, they never learn.


Where the Little Birds Go is the first book in the Little Bird Duet and it offers readers an insight look into the complicated past and present of Kinley Thomas and Corbin Callum. Their love began to blossom back in high school, and as the years passed them by they lost touch but neither one of them ever stopped loving one another. Their story was definitely controversial, one made for the headlines…I mean it is a HOLLYWOOD scandal after all. As their love affair grows into something more, neither one of them could have truly known the pain that was about to destroy them all over again. Will these two ever get their happily ever after or are they destined to never be…

B. Celeste is an author who enjoys toying with her readers heartstrings. She is what I like to call an evil woman who pretends to be all sweet and innocent, but the moment you turn your back on her she STRIKES and suddenly you find yourself overwhelmingly flooded with emotions. The kind of emotions that you never knew you could experience all at the same time. I knew going in that this story was going to end in a cliffhanger, but I NEVER anticipated how insane the wait was going to make me. I am in deep agony over this wait and I need the conclusion to this duet, like you know…YESTERDAY!



About B. Celeste

B. Celeste’s obsession with forbidden romance enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, and emotional stories.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

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Review – Priceless by Miranda Silver


Priceless by Miranda Silver
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020
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Are you afraid of the dark, Christina? I don’t need the lights on to read you like a book.

The first time I meet the wolf’s cold eyes, we’re at a college party.

Maybe you like the dark more than you think.

I just quit the cheer squad. I’m about to dump my musician boyfriend. I’m partying harder than ever. I let money run through my fingers because I’m done reaching for standards I’ll never meet.

Soon, I’m broke. And I don’t want anyone to know.

The more you hide your true self, the more you’re going to let it out with me.

I’m bubbly and outgoing. He’s icy and alone. I stay away. I touch myself, thinking of him.

When I finally seek out Patrick Caruthers, he has a proposition.

Mind games. Humiliation. Control. Schedules. Him. Me.

I think you’re going to be the perfect playmate.

I’m not perfect. I’m not stunning or noble. I’m not a heroine.

You’re priceless.

I’m just a girl . . .

You were made for me.

And he’s a cold bastard

Who is paying me for sex.


HOLY. FREAKING. MOLY. Where in the ever loving hell has this book been all my adult life? I never knew how much I needed a dirty talker in my life until Patrick came along. I mean seriously I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that I experienced while devouring all the words that this EPIC story had to offer.

Priceless is the first book that I have been fortunate enough to read from this author, but I know that she has instantly made it to the top of my one-click author list (a huge shout out to my number one book bestie, Michelle Clay, for recommending this amazing one to me). The author, Miranda Silver was the puppet master pulling on all of my heartstrings, so tightly in fact that I ache just thinking back to Patrick and Christina’s story. The chemistry between these two was beyond explosive and set my entire body on FIRE as sparks were flying all around. Their story made me feel things down below in my lady region, if you know what I mean! It was so H-O-T! Like obliterate my soul completely kind of HOT! Be prepared to change your panties because they will be SOAKED.

The arrangement between Patrick and Christina was definitely an exciting one to see unfold and develop throughout the story. The dual POV added the perfect look into the feelings that each of them were experiencing and gain a deeper understanding of their situation. I absolutely loved EVERYTHING and I cannot wait for you all to fall in love with Patrick and Christina as much as I did! If you only read a few books in 2020, make sure this is one of them!



About Miranda Silver

Miranda Silver writes sexy novels with a twist. She’s happy to be putting her English degree to use, along with her love of drama, secrets, steam, and words. Miranda lives on the West Coast with her family, where she spends time outdoors whenever possible.

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Review – Hearts and Thorns (Magnolia Cove #3) by Ella Fields


Hearts and Thorns by Ella Fields
Series: Magnolia Cove #3
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: January 1, 2020
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I love you; I loathe you.

Jackson Thorn was my best friend and worst enemy, but that didn’t stop me from wanting him.

From first words to high school halls, our childhood years braided a bond that wove in a direction neither of us could predict or outgrow.

Forbidden became a word we ignored.
It wasn’t that we didn’t care.
It was that we cared too much.

We had it all planned out.
We thought we could make it.
We thought we’d been careful.
But all we managed to do was prolong the inevitable.
Our destruction.


Hearts and Thorns is the third standalone in the Magnolia Cove series by Ella Fields and let me just say that it was ANGSTY as F*CK! This author has a unique ability to shatter your heart while at the same time filling it so deeply with love and hope.

Willa and Jackson’s story was destined to be complicated, but I had no idea all the heartbreak that these two would have to endure. Who knew that someone could experience so many emotions all at once. It felt as if my chest was on fire while I devoured every bittersweet word. That slow burn feeling was intense, it was an ache like no other. Ella Fields has left me completely speechless and I am still trying to process it all. This story was EVERYTHING I could have ever wanted for these two and I know that it couldn’t have been any better. My heartstrings will never be the same after reading this one and it was a fantastic edition to one of my favorite series.

Ella Fields captivated my soul wholeheartedly with this beautifully forbidden step-sibling romance. Willa and Jackson’s story is one that will have you questioning your sanity as you fall in love with them. This is hands down one of my all-time favorite reads and I am so excited to see what this year has to hold for this author! 2020 is going to be AMAZING for her…I can just feel it!



About Ella Fields

Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in the land Down Under. While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters and books to her two cats. She’s a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters.

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Review – The Trouble with Gravity (Gravity #3) by K.K. Allen


The Trouble with Gravity by K.K. Allen
Series: Gravity #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 2, 2020
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Kai’s life is a series of choreographed steps, each one shielding her from the tragic memories of her past. Audition, dance, paycheck, repeat. It’s a broken record, but it’s what keeps her world spinning.

When a tall mysterious stranger zooms into her life, effectively shattering her tightly woven cocoon, her safe and secure world quickly begins to unravel.

Sebastian’s theater production is a sinking ship. To add insult to injury he’s obligated to give it one final run.

The mission is simple—salvage what he can before they all go down with the wreckage.

But first he needs to convince the woman who despises him, despite her darkest fears, to join the cast.

Without her, his past will undoubtedly destroy his future. But with her…he may be opening himself up to more of a challenge than he bargained for.


K.K. Allen kicked 2020 off with a BANG and I am so FREAKING excited to see what this year has to hold when it comes to her writing career, especially if she continues to bring us stories as AMAZING as this one. The GRAVITY series (that does not involve Aliens by the way…since there is so much debate about that lately. FUNNY INSIDE JOKE TO ALL OF HER FANS!) is one of my favorite series of all-time and just when I think it couldn’t get any better, it does…EVERY TIME!

The Trouble with Gravity was absolute perfection and had me hook, line and sinker the entire time. My heart was swooning while I inhaled every word and my goodness did I find myself falling head over heels in love with these characters. Their witty back and forth banter was EVERYTHING that you would want in this enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romance. Their chemistry set my heart on fire and I couldn’t get enough of them!

Kai is a strong and independent woman who finds herself trying to overcome a tragic childhood experience when she gets the role of a lifetime. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself taking a chance, even if it terrifies her. Sebastian might be labeled the Bad Boy of Broadway, but sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. All he wants to do is make it through one last run of Angst and Grace with no complications, but unfortunately life doesn’t always work out as one would hope. Together these two learn that sometimes you can find what you need, even if you aren’t necessarily looking for it.



About K.K. Allen

K.K. Allen is the USA TODAY Bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance author of sweet, sexy, and inspiring stories that evoke emotion at every turn.

K.K.’s debut romance novel, Up in the Treehouse, was named the Best New Adult Book of the Year by RT Book Reviews, an honor beyond belief. And she continues to take reader’s emotions on an epic ride every single time with real, layered, coming of age romance stories that will make you fall in love over and over again.

Born in Hawaii, raised in Washington, and currently residing in Florida, K.K. lives for laughs with her little dude, the great outdoors, watching football, dancing the night away, and her eclectic taste in music.

K.K. also loves connecting with her readers and attends signings when she can!

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads