Review – Liar by Fiona Cole


Liar by Fiona Cole
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020
Buy Now: Amazon


He was my uncle’s friend, and I was too young for him.

But in the heat of the moment, against the wall in a darkened hallway of an illicit club, none of those things mattered. It was just one night of giving in to what we both wanted.

I never expected to see him two years later, sitting across me during a family dinner, encouraging me to do my internship for his business.

On day one we both agree that repeating that night would be a mistake. But it’s a mistake we can’t help but make again and again.

The rules are simple. We can’t tell my uncle. We have to be content with our hotel rendezvous. And we won’t fall in love.

But we both know we’re liars.


Fiona Cole writes the kind of romance that I crave and every time I get my hands on one of her stories, I immediately drop everything that I am doing and dive right in because I enjoy getting lost in the Voyeur world she has created for a few hours. This interconnected standalone series has managed to wiggle its way deep into my soul and just when I think I couldn’t possibly fall any more in love with these characters I find myself wholeheartedly addicted to every part of them.

Kent and Olivia’s story was EVERYTHING that I want in a forbidden age-gap romance and I couldn’t get enough of these two. I know I say this each time, but I think that they might just be my new favorite Fiona Cole couple to date. Their chemistry set my soul on FIRE and my heartstrings were aching as I inhaled all the words. Falling for your uncle’s best friend and business partner might not have been the best choice for our dear sweet little Olivia, but hooking up with him in the first place wasn’t very smart either. One taste of him could never be enough for her and she soon realizes that he might just be her happily ever after, if only she can get over her fears. Kent is my ultimate book boyfriend. He is beyond sexy with cocky attitude and oh boy is he one of the best dirty talkers ever. He consumed me with emotions and I fell deeply in love with his heart of gold!

Liar is a MUST read and I know you all will agree with me. These two couldn’t be more perfect for one another and now I can’t wait to see what Fiona Cole brings us next!



About Fiona Cole

Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. As much as she loved science she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own. Where You Can Find Me is Fiona’s debut novel and will hopefully be the first of many.

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