Review – Where the Little Birds Go (Little Bird Duet #1) by B. Celeste


Where the Little Birds Go by B. Celeste
Series: Little Bird Duet #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 9, 2020
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High school heartbreak turned Hollywood affair. Read the exclusive here:

When bestselling author Kinley Thomas gets the deal of a lifetime to see her book turned into a movie, the last person she expects to be cast as the leading role is Corbin Callum.

After years of living the dreams that tore them apart, Hollywood will soon force them back together. Because before Corbin became America’s biggest star, he was first Kinley’s biggest mistake.

Too bad for them, they never learn.


Where the Little Birds Go is the first book in the Little Bird Duet and it offers readers an insight look into the complicated past and present of Kinley Thomas and Corbin Callum. Their love began to blossom back in high school, and as the years passed them by they lost touch but neither one of them ever stopped loving one another. Their story was definitely controversial, one made for the headlines…I mean it is a HOLLYWOOD scandal after all. As their love affair grows into something more, neither one of them could have truly known the pain that was about to destroy them all over again. Will these two ever get their happily ever after or are they destined to never be…

B. Celeste is an author who enjoys toying with her readers heartstrings. She is what I like to call an evil woman who pretends to be all sweet and innocent, but the moment you turn your back on her she STRIKES and suddenly you find yourself overwhelmingly flooded with emotions. The kind of emotions that you never knew you could experience all at the same time. I knew going in that this story was going to end in a cliffhanger, but I NEVER anticipated how insane the wait was going to make me. I am in deep agony over this wait and I need the conclusion to this duet, like you know…YESTERDAY!



About B. Celeste

B. Celeste’s obsession with forbidden romance enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, and emotional stories.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

Connect with the author: WebsiteFacebook | Bookbub | Goodreads


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