Review – Worship (On My Knees Duet #1) by Ella James


Worship by Ella James
Series: On My Knees Duet #1
Genres: MM Romance, Forbidden
Buy Now: Amazon


An epic, forbidden MM romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Ella James… 

You think you know me. 
That’s the way I want it. 

Making you feel like we know each other–like we could go grab a beer sometime–is part of my job. Maybe the most vital part. It doesn’t hurt that I’m easy on the eyes, single at 35, and born richer than sin. My aesthetic matters much more than it should, but all the better for my worthy cause. 

And it’s a worthy cause. 

I’ve made an art out of making you feel good, and my influence makes you want to be good. Good like me. You think you know me, but you don’t. 

Everyone has secrets. Mine could cost me everything.
So I’m a fortress. No one’s ever even gotten close. 
Until tonight.  

See that man, the tall guy dripping on the bow of my yacht? The one I just pulled from the ocean? 

He’s the one who’s going to cost me everything.



If you haven’t read Worship by Ella James yet, then stop reading this review and go buy the book this instance. Trust me this is the kind of story that you want to go in completely blind…otherwise precede with caution because things are about to get real.

The moment Ella James announced this story I knew I needed to get my greedy little hands on it as soon as possible because I freaking love M/M romances and I had a strong feeling that this story was going to make me fall even more in love with this trope…and lets just say it totally did. This forbidden tale wholeheartedly captured my attention right from the first page and I couldn’t devour this story fast enough.

Vance Rayne and Luke McDowell’s insanely hot chemistry was intense from the very beginning and caused an ache deep in the pit of my stomach and sent chills down my spine as I inhaled every word. This is a brilliantly captivating story that will leave you completely breathless as you attempt to get your emotions under control. I definitely was not prepared for all the emotions I experienced while reading and now I am eagerly anticipating November 11 so that I can get my hands on, Adore, the conclusion of their epic romance!



About Ella James

Ella James is the USA Today + Amazon Top 10 bestselling author of more than twenty romance novels. Her favorite kind of love story is an emotional, smutty roller coaster with a devastating twist–so that’s what she tries to write. Ella lives in Colorado with her husband and three kids. When she’s not writing, you can find her in the foothills.

Connect with the author: Amazon | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads


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