Review – No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose


No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 28, 2019
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Can a summer fling become the love of a lifetime?

Perpetual good girl Caterina Longo is dependable to a fault. At 33, she’s never called in sick. Never had a one-night stand. Never taken a chance in her entire life. When she walks in on a cheating ex and sees everything wrong with her life, she takes off on a solo vacation, busting out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a guy she never saw coming.

Joe Hunter has no room for distractions. Making his restaurant a success and proving his worth to his family—and himself—is his sole focus. At least it is until a beautiful stranger, in search of fried food and a shoulder, wanders in one night.

Is two weeks of unexpected, life-altering passion all they’re meant to share? What happens when vacation ends and real life takes over?


No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose was a beautifully heartwarming love at first sight romance that gave me all the warm and fuzzies deep inside my soul.

Caterina Longo’s entire life was turned upside down when she walked in on her longtime boyfriend with another woman. Fleeing to Ocean Cove a few days ahead of her friends seemed like the perfect solution at the time, what she didn’t plan on was meeting a man that would turn her entire world upside down in only a matter of days.

Joe Hunter, a local bar and restaurant owner, didn’t know what to expect when Caterina showed up in Ocean Cove late one night. Falling for a tourist was the last thing he expected to happen, but suddenly he finds himself wrapped around her. She’s about to capture his heart, even if neither one of them are ready for that.

There were sparks instantly flying between these two. The chemistry was dynamite and they wholeheartedly captivated every inch of my heart. Their instantaneous love story was steamy and had me swooning the entire time. There was so much to love about this couple and let’s not forget those supporting characters that made you fall in love with this story even more.

This might have been my first Stephanie Rose book, but it certainly won’t be my last!


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About Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose is a bad-ass New Yorker, a wife, a mother, a former blogger and lover of all things chocolate. Most days you’ll find her trying to avoid standing on discarded LEGO or deciding which book to read next. Her debut novel, Always You, released in 2015 and since then she’s written several more—some of which will never see completion—and has ideas for a hundred to come.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads

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