Review – Sticks & Stones by Santana Blair

Sticks & Stones - SantanaBlair  - E-Cover

Sticks & Stones by Santana Blair
Genres: Contemporary, Mature Young Adult
Release Date: October 15, 2019
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She thinks he’s looking for a come up.
He just thinks she’s stuck up.

Both Darcie and Elijah step foot onto the campus of Pembrook Academy with one thing on their minds… getting out. Darcie wants nothing more than to finish high school and know that her spot in the Ivy Leagues is secured and waiting for her.

And Elijah?
Well, Elijah just wants out.

It was never his idea to go to Pembrook in the first place and now he’s stuck spending his senior year with a bunch of kids he has absolutely nothing in common with. Then, she came along. From the moment he meets Darcie Fitzgerald, he knows she is going to drive him absolutely crazy. But nothing could have prepared him for how amazing crazy would feel.

Darcie has ninety-nine problems and Elijah Benitez is now her biggest one. He seemed to coast into her life from out of nowhere, and she has neither the time nor the patience to deal with him. But every time she tries to put a little distance between them, life shoves them closer together and Darcie finds herself in a situation far more complicated than she could have ever expected.

They’re both about to learn a few things starting with lesson #1:
Not Everything Is As it Seems


Sticks & Stones by Santana Blair is a beautifully written modern day Pride & Prejudice retelling that will wholeheartedly captivate your heart right from the very beginning. This retelling was unlike anything I have ever read and I quickly found myself falling even more in love with the author’s writing. The author’s storytelling ability and character development was absolutely phenomenal and I couldn’t put this story down.

Eli and Darcie are from opposite sides of the tracks, and yet they soon discover that they aren’t as different as looks may appear. Their undeniable chemistry completely warmed my heart, body, and soul. Although this story is considered mature young adult, I can tell you that people of all ages will love it. This story wasn’t just about friendship and love, it was so much deep than that. It was absolutely everything I wanted and also so much more than I could have ever asked for!



About Santana Blair

Santana Blair has always been a storyteller. Even at an early age, she would spend hours losing herself in world building and creating stories to ensure even her Barbie dolls had the most enthralling lives. Ask any of her childhood friends and they’ll tell you it wasn’t uncommon for her to spend her days creating origin stories and legacies for all of their play sessions.

All of her imagination was fueled and/or enhanced by her lifelong love of books and writing.

Now, she’s all grown up and using the same passion for storytelling to create worlds of words.

She’s always been a sucker for a good love story in any form, so when she’s not reading or writing you could probably find her curled up with her favorite blanket and a good movie on a screen.

Her idea of a good time includes long walks through bookstores & stationery aisles.

Santana Blair lives in Connecticut with her husband and three kids, where she’s always brewing up a big cup of tea and her next story.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads


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