Review – City Girl vs Country Boy (Forever Love #1) by Jordan Ford


City Girl vs Country Boy by Jordan Ford
Series: Forever Love #1
Genres: Young Adult
Release Date: September 26, 2019
Buy Now: Amazon


A tragic accident brought them together. Will devotion be the glue that mends their broken hearts?

Eighteen-year-old Harper’s perfectly planned city life changed in one devastating instant. While she prepared for college, her parents died in a horrific car crash, leaving her and her younger siblings to a distant family friend. And when she sees their assigned guardian’s backwoods house, the only redeeming feature is the kind boy with the charming eyes.

Laid-back Tane is struggling to figure out his unfortunate situation. Already angry and confused over his mother’s betrayal, the arrival of five orphaned teens throws his shattered world into further chaos. And though he does his best to support them in their grief, he longs to help lovely Harper let go of her pain.

As she struggles to bear the responsibility for her troubled siblings, Harper finds unexpected courage in Tane’s steady hand. But he wrestles to keep his emotions in check as his need for her grows stronger with each passing day.

Can Harper and Tane forge a new home on the farm and heal their shattered lives with love?


City Girl vs Country Boy is the first installment in Jordan Ford’s brand new series, Forever Love and this phenomenally talented author delivers an emotionally captivating tale that will pull on all of your heartstrings. Trust me when I tell you that tissues are a MUST while reading this story…seriously keep a box or two close by.

This story was beautifully heartbreaking and gave a sense of hope that things would get better as time went on. Harper and Tane were an adorable couple and I adored the sweet moments they shared with one another. These two seemed like a match and I really enjoyed the slow build up towards their relationship, even if the chemistry between them was unmistakable. Their story might be a little light on the romance, but it was the perfect introduction into this new series that teaches us somethings, like looking back at the good memories and forgetting the pain surrounding loss.

I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the next book in the Forever Love series. I have no doubt that Broken Girl vs. Fix-It Boy will only add to my excitement for this series!



About Jordan Ford

Jordan Ford loves to write clean teen sports romance novels. Filled with high school angst, mystery, danger and young love, these books offer a fun escape.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads


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