The Dare (North Woods University #2) by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman


The Dare by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman
Series: North Woods University #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 28, 2019
Buy Now: Amazon


He was more than my bully, he was what living nightmares were made of…

“I dare you…” It started as a childish game played between two friends, that ended in heartbreak.

I knew him once. A long time ago you may have even called us friends. That was before I moved away before my mother married his father before my entire life fell apart.

I lost everything, my friends, my popularity, my future.

This was supposed to be my fresh start… my last chance at new…

Vance Preston used to be a poor boy with a soft smile and kind eyes. He used to be my friend. Now he’s God’s gift to women, disgustingly handsome, and filthy rich.

He can do whatever he wants, say whatever he wants, and hurt whoever he wants.

No one can stop him, and no one dares too.

He might as well be a god.
And his newest target: me.

He dares me to defy him.
He dares me to fight back.
He promises he won’t stop…
….not until he hurts me, not until he breaks me.

But I’m not afraid, because you can’t break something that’s already broken.

**This is book two in the North Woods University Series. It can be read as a complete standalone and contains NO cliffhanger, NO cheating, and contains a HEA. Please be advised this series contains material not suitable to all readers. This is NOT a YA series.**


The Dare by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman was an intensely captivating love-hate romance that totally exceeded my every expectation. This writing duo took me on an emotional rollercoaster full of twists and turns that I never wanted to get off. After reading The Bet I knew that I wanted to get my hands on Vance’s story and I can’t even begin to tell you all how excited I was that it wasn’t a long wait at all!

This story revisits some of my favorite characters from the first book in the North Woods University series and I am so freaking happy to say that Remington redeemed himself even more in my eyes and that Jules is still as perfect as ever! While I really liked Remmy and Jules, I have to say that Vance and Ava managed to captivate my heart just a little bit more! The angst between these two had me all giddy and I kept begging for them both to finally realize how right they are for each other. These two characters definitely had a complicated relationship that kept readers on their toes.

Vance and Ava’s story gave me all the feels and after reading that surprising ending I cannot wait to get my hands on The Secret, which happens to be Clark’s story. He was a mystery to me and I think that’s why I am so eager to see what his story has to hold!



About J.L. Beck & About C. Hallman

J.L. Beck & C. Hallman are two ladies with a love for coffee, books, and the bad boys who live inside them. 

They’re a dynamic duo who love writing all genres of romance, from erotica, to suspense. To date they’ve written ten books together and don’t plan to stop any time soon. 

When they aren’t writing you can find them making jokes, discussing their next book, arguing over cover photos, and of course drinking more coffee. 

They’re humble, and truly blessed to have found such amazing readers.

Connect with J.L. Beck: Amazon | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads

Connect with C. Hallman: Amazon | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads


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