Review – The Truth About Heartbreak by B. Celeste


The Truth About Heartbreak by B. Celeste
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Forbidden
Release Date:
June 3, 2019
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I fell in love with him when I was thirteen years old.

He was older, mysterious, and unattainable. The guy I could never touch.

Then one night changed everything for us. But there was one huge problem.

He belonged to her.


Once again I find myself staring at a blank screen as I attempt to construct a review worthy of this phenomenally captivating and beautifully breathtaking tale that has managed to invade my every thought and emotion since devouring it! This book is hands down worth of a thousand stars and B. Celeste will blow you all away with her unique storytelling ability. This amazing lady was meant to write forbidden romance and I am so freaking thrilled that she took a leap of faith and decided to give us a story unlike anything on the market today. You know what they say…“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”…and write it she did!

The Truth About Heartbreak hooked me in right from the very beginning and YES I stayed up way too late reading it because I needed to know every captivating detail of River and Everett’s story! Their emotional journey towards their happily ever after had me on the edge of my seat and my heart was obliterated and slowly repaired along the way. This is an agonizingly “SLOW” slow burning romance and let’s just say the level of angst is HIGH! Your body, heart, mind, and soul will never be the same after inhaling the twists and turns that this story will throw your way. Just remember to be prepared for the butterflies in the pit of your stomach and the feeling of your heart trying to beat out of your chest! This is one of the BEST feelings ever and one that you will want to feel over and over again, which just means that you will have to read this story more than once! I have wholeheartedly consumed it a totally of four times and plan on experiencing it all over again when I FINALLY get my paperback copy!

As much as I love Barbara C. Doyle’s romantic comedies, I think our girl B. Celeste is here to stay in the realm of FORBIDDEN romance! It was as if she was ALWAYS meant to write this story and I cannot wait to get my hands on her next story! I freaking love this lady and all that she has managed to accomplish! If you haven’t one-clicked your copy of this story yet then I will NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN…okay not really, but you should totally be reading this story RIGHT NOW! Trust me when I say your will not want to miss out on River and Everett’s love story!



About B. Celeste

Barbara C. Doyle writing as B. Celeste.

Sin. Sex. Angst.

B. Celeste brings taboo to a whole new level.

Connect with the author: WebsiteFacebook | Bookbub | Goodreads


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