Review – Trouble at Brayshaw High (Brayshaw High #2) by Meagan Brandy


Trouble at Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandy
Series: Brayshaw High #2
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2019
Buy Now: Amazon


“You don’t belong.”

No words whispered in anger have ever rung more true.

They’re the Kings of Brayshaw with the world at their feet, destined for greatness and in need of control.

I’m the girl from the ghetto with nothing to offer and as defiant as they come.

They say it doesn’t matter, that I’m one of them now, and nothing could ever change that.
Not even me, should I dare try.

But they’re wrong.
They underestimate how far I’ll go to protect them.

Trouble is coming…and they have no idea.


Meagan Brandy is just bound and determined to drive all of her readers right off the edge of the cliff with the next installment in her Brayshaw High series! Trouble at Brayshaw High picks right back up from the end of the first book and we FINALLY get to see who Raven went to see. I am completely speechless!

Let’s just say that this story totally BLEW MY MIND and my jaw is still firmly planted on the ground because HOLY FREAKING MOLY there were even more twist and turns thrown our way! Totally on the edge of my seat the entire time and the rollercoaster ride of angst was well worth it. Raven, Maddoc, Royce, and Captain don’t know what’s about to hit them, but it’s a wicked ride for sure. Meagan Brandy has managed to create a world that I have complete fallen in love with and her characters all hold a special place in my heart!

Hands down one of the BEST young adult stories I have ever read! I cannot wait to get the next book in this series and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s going completely turn our world upside down! Make sure you do yourself a favor and one-click this phenomenally captivating tale RIGHT NOW!



About Meagan Brandy

Meagan is a candy crazed, jukebox junkie who tends to speak in lyrics. Born and raised in California, she is a married mother of three crazy boys who keep her bouncing from one sports field to another, depending on the season, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Starbucks is her best friend and words are her sanity.

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