Review – Pride (The Elite Seven #2) by J.D. Hollyfield


Pride by J.D. Hollyfield
Series: The Elite Seven #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2019
Buy Now: Amazon


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

But who said the devil was a he?

In my world, she was out to cause havoc on all our lives.

She’ll use the one thing I care most about to control me—force me into her Elite world, filled with sin, deceit, and power. And under her spell, I’ll lead a sinister brotherhood of seven at one of the most prestigious universities in New Orleans.

Seven tasks set forth by the devil herself, promising nothing less than the forbidden fruit of power. What they don’t understand is it will all end in bloodshed and regret.

They call me the alpha. The one in charge. The one with pride bigger than any task I could be given. And my pride won’t let me be anywhere but at the top of the food chain until she gives me what I truly want.

My task is Meghan Benedict.

She’s too pure for me to touch, too good for me to ruin—and the only thing standing in my way to freedom.

Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak…they’re for The Elite.

As they say, pride comes before the fall.

I am Mason Blackwell.

I am Pride.


J.D. Hollyfield sets my heart on fire and hooks me in even deeper with the newest book in The Elite Seven series! I am officially OBSESSED with these stories and the one of a kind characters that these incredible authors are creating right before our eyes. The intertwined storyline concept is completely addictive and I quickly find myself craving the next book within moments of turning to the last page. As this series continues I definitely expect more secrets to come to light…and I can’t freaking wait!

Mason Blackwell has his fair share of flaws, but those flaws are what initially attracted me to him. I mean who doesn’t love a perfectly flawed character who has already lived a life way beyond his years. My heart broke for him and the pain he has felt, but that pain has only made him stronger and filled with pride. I mean that is his sin after all.

Meghan Benedict is a sweet and innocent professor on the outside, but a sexy and sassy vixen behind closed doors. When her and Mason set their sights on one another, their love proves to be explosive with the kind of romance that sizzles bright and burns slowly! Their chemistry was off the charts HOT and my heart was swooning in overdrive.

Pride was breathtakingly captivating and I am in love with every twist and turn this series has already thrown at us. I am beyond ready for the next book, Wrath by Claire C. Riley and can’t wait to see what his story has to offer!



About J.D. Hollyfield

J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she’s not cooking, event planning, or spending time with her family, she’s relaxing with her nose stuck in a book. With her love for romance, and her head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own stories to life. Living in the Midwest, she’s currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.

J.D. Hollyfield dapples in all genres, from romantic comedy, contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, fantasy and erotica! Want to know more! Follow her on all platforms!

Connect with the author: Website | FacebookBookbubGoodreads

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