Review – Professed by Nicola Rendell


Professed by Nicola Rendell
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 28, 2016
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At a secret masked ball at Yale, Naomi Costa is literally swept off her stiletto-blistered feet by a man with a killer jawline, a perfect body, and an even-better kiss. They bust out of an emergency exit and have axis-shaking sex. He pours whiskey in her belly button and after they run out of condoms, they have to get creative. That kind of sex.

The next day, she learns that he is none other than Dr. Benjamin Beck, a brand new member of the Yale faculty and the hottest thing to happen to academia since… well, ever. She has to take his damned junior seminar to graduate, but it gets worse. He’s also her College Master: her boss, her advisor, her everything. And he’s just moved in, right downstairs.

They can’t stay away from each other. They’re either fusion or fission or both. They’re making out in libraries, hiding notes between stones, and sneaking off to nautically themed AirBnbs. Hear that sound? It’s the academic code of ethics going up in flames.

If they’re found out, he’ll lose his job and his reputation. She’ll lose her scholarship and be forced to return to the life of lobster fishing that she thought she’d escaped.

And they will be found out, yes they will.

So what the hell are they going to do?


OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS ← Yeah. I just went there (don’t judge 😉) because this book truly deserves this kind of expression!

My heart is still swooning hours after devouring this binge-worthy read from the extraordinarily talented Nicola Rendell. Professed is hands down one of those stories that will stay with readers long after they turn the last page. This insanely captivating story will consume you whole body and soul and you will be left obsessed with Nicola’s beautiful writing style that will hook you in time and time again!

This story was everything and I do mean EVERYTHING (at least in my eyes)! Seriously I never, ever, ever wanted to put this story down and it was a bittersweet feeling to reach the end. Naomi and Ben have the kind of relationship that blows readers minds. Gosh…these two are without a doubt my ideal couple when it comes to forbidden, student-teacher romances. I couldn’t get enough of these two and instantly wanted more of their story (so hoping they make an appearance in Confessed).

This may think that this book is not for you, but if you’re willing to jump head first into this read you will not be disappointed! I am so overly grateful to have been given the opportunity to read my second Nicola Rendell original (this was her debut novel, but I read her recent release, So Good first) and celebrate her amazing writing career!



About Nicola Rendell

Nicola Rendell writes dirty, funny, erotic romance. She likes a stiff drink and a well-frosted cake. She is at an unnamed Ivy and prefers to remain mostly anonymous for professional reasons. She has a PhD in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from schools that shall not be named here. She loves to cook, sew, and play the piano. She realizes that her hobbies might make her sound like an old lady and she’s totally okay with that. She lives with her husband and her dogs. She is from Taos, New Mexico.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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