Review – Love My Way by Kate Sterritt


Love My Way by Kate Sterritt
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2017
Buy Now: Amazon


Her name is Emerson Hart and she is the love of his life.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only love of hers.

And therein lies the problem.


The cover was what initially drew me to this book. I know, I know never judge a book by its cover, but one thing you need to know about me is that I am an ultimate cover WH*RE, which means sometimes I miss out on some amazing books. I just can’t help it because the cover is usually the first thing I see when I add books to my TBR list, which is probably something I need to stop doing. However, I am totally glad that I judged this book by its cover because this book has all the FEELS! This is my very first Kate Sterritt read, but lets just say that she gained a new fan with this extraordinary story!

WOW! There is so much that I want to say about this incredible story, but truthfully if I did my review would probably be filled with spoiler after spoiler. So instead of that I am going to tell you what I felt while reading this book, so sit back and get ready to FEEL! I just wanted to say that this book had me in tears so make sure to grab a huge box of Kleenex before going in because you’ll certainly need it with this story. When I first started this story I totally assumed that it was going to be a TRIANGLE romance, but what I got was something completely different and completely unexpected. I guess my best advice is to go in blind, DO NOT read SPOILER FILLED REVIEWS because this is the kind of story that you want to experience first hand. Lets just say that you will be left with the ultimate book hangover in the end. I devoured this beautifully captivating story and stayed up late into the night (more like early morning) to finish it. Honestly my head and heart are still reeling so I may completely rewrite this review eventually, but for now I hope it perfectly described what I felt!


Love My Way Teaser 4

About Kate Sterritt

Kate Sterritt lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, three young sons and highly energetic German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. 

When she’s not madly juggling the logistics of soccer trainings, play dates and volunteering at the school, she can be found at her laptop, writing the types of novels she loves to read. Her characters are inspired by her own experiences, blended with her imagination and a healthy dose of wishful thinking.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook Goodreads | Newsletter

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