Review – Breakaway (Playmaker Duet #0.5) by Mignon Mykel


Breakaway by Mignon Mykel
Series: Playmaker Duet #0.5
Genre: Coming of Age, Mature Fiction
Release Date: February 28, 2017
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Once upon a time, in a faraway place…

I learned that monsters exist
That the dark is meant for fear
That sometimes, you can’t even count on yourself

I just have to get past senior year finals, and I can break away-

I can leave the past,
the monsters,
the ghosts,
far, far behind.

I just can’t break beforehand.



While the Trouble Maker introduced us to Porter, the youngest of the Prescott clan, Breakaway is the second novella in the Playmaker Duet and is told entirely in Asher’s POV.

The extraordinary Mignon Mykel takes her readers on an emotional rollercoaster and shows us a strong message about the struggles that so many children in the foster care system face day in and day out. This book is certainly darker then anything I have ever read from this author, but it is needed for the readers to better connect with Asher (by the way I absolutely adore that name, well some people dislike boy names for girls, I LOVE them) and understand her circumstances leading to her chance encounter with Porter!

Although this story is both extremely emotional and may be considered a trigger for some, I strongly recommend giving this beautifully written story a chance because it is one you need to know. This author tugged on every single one of my heartstrings and left me in tears from the beginning to the very end! I am already counting down the days until Altercation is released!


About Mignon Mykel

Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O’Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.

Connect with the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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