Review – My Blue by Emery Jacobs

My Blue Ebook Cover

My Blue by Emery Jacobs
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2019
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For most of my life, Ella Blue had been by my side. My best friend. My whole world. Then she vanished. Without a trace. I didn’t know how to move on without her, but I knew in my heart I’d never let her go—I’d wait for her forever.

Ella Blue

For me, no time has passed. I have no clue what happened to the last eight years of my life.

I have no memories of a life without Leo. He’s always been my one constant. And now I’m stuck in the past, trying to figure out if we can find our way back to each other.

How can I move forward when I don’t know what I’m leaving behind?

Ella and Leo must rediscover their love—a once-in-a-lifetime love…for the second time.


My Blue by Emery Jacobs is an unforgettable and breathtakingly beautiful love story that wholeheartedly captivated my heart right from the very beginning and held on tight until the end!

Leo and Ella’s captivating story takes readers on an emotional journey as these two lost souls attempt to rediscover their epic love in this second chance romance. The twists and turns throughout had butterflies deep in the pit of my stomach and brought tears to my eyes in frustration. I loved these two and found myself wanting to scream at Leo for not expressing his love to Ella. They both deserve a happily ever after, even if people keep trying to stand in their way.

This story was phenomenal and I devoured it in one sitting because it was impossible to put down. Emery Jacobs is an extraordinary storyteller and this story was proof of that! This one will keep readers on their toes in anticipation all the way through!



About Emery Jacobs

Emery grew up in Southern Arkansas and has lived most of her adult life in Northern Louisiana. She spends her days working as a Nurse Practitioner in rural health and her nights reading, writing, and occasionally sleeping.

She loves real life romance…lots of angst and heartbreak, but always a happy ending.

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Review – Breakdown (Perversion Records #1) by Aly Zigada


Breakdown by Aly Zigada
Series: Perversion Records #1
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 18, 2019
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Atticus Creed saved my life. His voice talked me down. His lyrics stripped me bare. His tattoos against my hidden scars made me feel beautiful. In turn, I wrecked him with a love that exposed his soul and lies that called to his vilest demons.

We were innocent then.

I’m not a broken girl anymore. Now I’m the woman who reigns over the corrupt record label he abandoned, and he’s a tortured musician who wants retribution as viciously as I want another taste of his lips. Inevitably, he will crash in my arms, and I will burn in his.

Depravity is all we know. It’s in the air we breathe, it’s in our sweat, it’s the music we make.


Aly Zigada’s debut Breakdown was an emotionally gripping and wildly addictive love story that wholeheartedly captivated my heart and mind. This dark and obsessive tale injected itself deep inside my body and soul with a gut-wrenching pain that rushed through my veins as I inhaled every twisted direction that the author took me on.

Atticus and Sophie are beautifully flawed souls with a story that will take readers on a bumpy rollercoaster ride that is never ending, one of which is full of lies, lust and deceit. Their love story is wickedly unpredictable and will undoubtedly pull on every single one of your heartstrings. The entire group of characters at Perversion Records had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation and I couldn’t get enough of their twisted ways. Just when I thought I had things figured out, they would throw me for a loop and leave me completely breathless.

It’s nearly impossible to believe that this is the author’s first release because the story was brilliantly written and one of my favorite reads of this year! She has a bright future ahead of her and I already cannot freaking wait to get my hands on her next release because I need Ezra and Imogen’s story!



About Aly Zigada

Aly Zigada is an American novelist, best known for riveting contemporary romance and New Adult fiction including the acclaimed Perversion Records series. Praise for her writing describes it as sharp and evocative. A former bookseller, New York City scholar, and corporate jack-of-all-trades, she belongs to a rustic mountain town but is guided by a broken compass.

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Review – The Wrong Prince Charming by Holly Renee


The Wrong Prince Charming by Holly Renee
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: July 15, 2019
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Every little girl dreams of being swept off her feet by a charming Prince.

But my life was no fairy tale.

And in this kingdom called college, the rules went out the window.

I’d known golden boy, Theo Hunt, was the one for me since we were kids. My heart was his for the taking, but I had become nothing more than the MVP of the campus king’s friend-zone.

Easton Cole was a storm I couldn’t have predicted. He knocked me off my feet and stole my heart. But he was off limits. Not only was he was Theo’s frat brother, but he was the teacher’s assistant in English 101 and I was acing every test.

My heart was torn, my feelings tangled.

Because as soon as I noticed Easton, Theo finally noticed me.

I was in love with two guys, as different as night and day, but I could only have one.

I only hoped I didn’t choose The Wrong Prince Charming.


Holly Renee never ceases to amaze me with her poetically beautiful storytelling ability and my heart will never be the same after devouring Easton and Maddy’s addictively captivating story. I absolutely adored everything about this phenomenal story and the moment these two met, there were sparks flying in every direction. The sizzling chemistry between them set my heart on fire and it burnt deep inside my chest until I reached the very end!

The Wrong Prince Charming might just happen to be MR. RIGHT, if only you are willing to look a little deeper. The second Maddy bumped into Easton I felt deep in my chest that they were destined to be together, if only obstacles would quit standing in their way. This story brought on all the angst and holy moly there were a sh*t ton of swoon worthy and sexy moments that pulled on all of my heartstrings. Who knew you could experience so many feelings all at once?!

Seriously I cannot freaking wait to see what Holly Renee comes up with next because I totally need to get my hands on more of her books…hopefully with more of these amazing secondary characters!


The Wrong Prince Charming Teaser 2

About Holly Renee

I’m Holly Renee.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author of sexy, contemporary romance, a Harry Potter fanatic, a body positive babe, and a boy mom.

When I’m not writing, you can find me reading all the books, taking long strolls down the aisles of Ulta, or Hanging out with my two favorite boys.

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Review – Kozart by J. Nathan


Kozart by J. Nathan
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: July 10, 2019
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Kozart Savage is the world’s biggest rock star.
At twenty-five, he’s got it all. Money. Fame. And the adoration of fans everywhere.
He thought that was enough to make him forget his past.
Enough to transform his distrusting heart.
Turns out that’s not how it works…
Then he meets a bridesmaid hiding out in a hotel bar.
Probably the only girl on the planet who doesn’t know who he is.
But she seems to be the one girl who can give him something no one else can.

Aubrey Prescott just discovered her boyfriend cheating—at her sister’s wedding.
Trying to escape humiliation, she seeks refuge in a hotel bar.
While trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of what was supposed to be an amazing senior year in college, a handsome stranger interrupts her wallowing.
A stranger who quickly makes her forget why she’s there.
One who, after an unforgettable night, disappears without a second glance.

But walking away doesn’t always mean letting someone go.


Words can’t even begin to describe the amount of love I have for Kozart and Aubrey’s breathtakingly beautiful story! These characters take readers on a journey full of heart and soul, leaving you on the edge of the unknown. This story had some deep moments that pulled on my heartstrings from time to time and their chemistry wholeheartedly captivated every part of me. There were even some parts that brought tears to my eyes, especially when I learned about Kozart’s past. Oh and did I mention Aubrey’s d*ck of an ex-boyfriend…just you wait until you meet him. There were so many layers to this story and I absolutely loved discovering each new layer!

J. Nathan never ceases to amaze me with her unique storytelling ability and this story was no exception. When she first announced she was writing a rockstar romance I was so freaking excited because this is one of my favorite tropes, but this story was unlike any rockstar romance I have ever experienced. Each story she writes captures a part of my soul and this one stole a slightly bigger chunk of it! One of my favorite stories for sure and I hope everyone falls in love with these two unique souls!



About J. Nathan

J. Nathan is the author of new adult and sports romances with cocky heroes and sassy heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s a total romance junkie! Add an alpha male who’s unlikable in the beginning…even better. She loves watermelon margaritas, guys in backward hats, country music, the summertime, and her amazing family and friends.

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Review – Good Girls (Arcadia High Anarchists #1) by Max Henry


Good Girls by Max Henry
Series: Arcadia High Anarchists #1
Genres: Young Adult, Romance
Release Date: July 16, 2019
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Boys versus girls. Those who have it all versus those who’d do anything to get it.

Caught between two worlds, I no longer know who I am.

I was one of the Chosen. Four girls, and four boys, destined to have it all: wealth, status, and a future. Now, I find myself on the other side looking for a way back in.

My father’s criminal case meant we lost it all. Forced out of our home, our city, our life, we started anew in a sweet country town called Arcadia.

Except after one day as “the new girl” I know there isn’t a single sweet thing about Arcadia High. Trouble brews amongst the student body. Love, lies, and betrayal. And when the consequences spill out the decorative gates?

These spoilt country kids won’t know what hit them after the city come to collect.


Max Henry is a new to me author, but I have been hearing about her books for awhile now from fellow book lovers. The moment I came across this book and read this blurb I thought it would be the perfect introduction into her writing style.

Lacey Williams is a strong leading lady with her own flaws and to be honest I didn’t really love her in the beginning, but she managed to slowly redeem herself in my eyes throughout the course of this story. Tuck Brallant is a sexy cowboy who happens to play the role of the bully because although he has feelings for Lacey, she represents everything he hates. Their chemistry was intense and my goodness I felt every moment of it. A lot happens between these two and the rollercoaster ride of emotions I experienced was a wild one for sure!

Good Girls was a real page turner and I found myself devouring this addictively captivating story full of scandalous moments that brought on a whole lot of angst. Tensions ran extremely high and there was a lot of drama, drama, oh and did I mention DRAMA! This bully romance was completely unexpected and the twists and turns kept me on my toes the entire time. This story ends in a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to see what the next book in the Arcadia High Anarchists series has to hold.



About Max Henry

For as long as she can remember, Max has always had a love of the macabre and thought provoking side to life.

Which probably stands to reason why each of her books takes the reader on an emotional journey that not only promises twists, turns, and suspense but a heart-wrenching journey where her motto holds true:

Love never comes easy.

When she’s not lost in an alternate world – fuelled by coffee and the odd sneaky bowl of chocolate (preferably M&Ms) – she spends her days as a wife to a dedicated husband, mother to two rambunctious boys, and an obsessive petrolhead enjoying the muscle on display at the local car shows.

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Review – The Judgement of Paris (The Odyssey Duet #2) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Judgement of Paris Cover

The Judgement of Paris by Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Series: The Odyssey Duet #2
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary
Release Date: July 9, 2019
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Love is honorable but selfish. Love is a record of my wrongs.
Love had fractured in trials but held on for the truth.

And the truth was he’d hurt me, yet I loved him.
He’d left me, yet I followed him.
But I was done with Léo Baudin.
And as soon as the semester was over, I would be done with Paris.
But until then, I would learn the rest of his secrets.
The ones they whispered about behind his back. The ones that had the entire city watching his every move. The ones that held him hostage.
But to know his secrets meant to know him. And to know him was to fall further for the man who’d already hurt me so much.
I hated him for breaking my heart, but I should’ve learned by now that the things we loathe become the things we love.
And just when I thought there was nothing left to keep us apart, the ghosts of his past came back to life with a truth neither of us could have expected.
And lies that neither of us could imagine.
As each layer unraveled, the choice between power and wisdom and love grew greater. And the consequences of our decision would be the judgment of this city.

But when all else fails, love always hopes.
Against all odds, love always perseveres.

The Judgment of Paris is the second book in the Odyssey Duet. It is necessary to read The Fall of Troy (Book 1) first.


The Judgement of Paris by Dr. Rebecca Sharp is the highly anticipated conclusion to The Odyssey Duet and oh my goodness the moment I got my hands on this one, I found myself falling even deeper in love with Troian “Troy” Milanovic and Professor Léo Baudin’s forbidden love story. Their epic romance left me completely breathless and the ache deep in my chest had me right on the edge of my seat as I inhaled every word. The author’s beautifully poetic storytelling ability once again wholeheartedly captivated my body, mind, and soul. They will undoubtedly hold a special place in my heart forever and always!

These two are destined to be together, but will the obstacles standing in their way finally let them be together? Readers prepare yourself for a whirlwind of emotions because Troy and Léo sure know how to pack a punch. This story will leave you in tears one moment and smiling wide in another. Once again I must admit that this story is EVERYTHING I crave in a forbidden romance and I am going to miss these two and their drama!



About Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Dr. Rebecca Sharp, while using a pen name, is actually a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband – the love of her life.

She enjoys working in her practice with her father as well as letting her creativity run free as an author. Growing up she’s always loved a good love story and finally decided to give writing one of her own ago.

After graduating with her doctoral degree, she now enjoys spending that thing called free time traveling with her husband, cooking, and knitting.

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Review – When Rivals Fall (Bayshore Rivals #1) by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman


When Rivals Fall by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman
Series: Bayshore Rivals #1
Genres: Bully Romance
Release Date: July 8, 2019
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Rivals since before birth there’s never been a time when my family hasn’t hated the Lockwoods, and their daughter Harlow.

Two years ago she set us up, tainted our family image, ruined my brother’s life. She made it personal. It was no longer just a rivalry between our parents.

Now she’s here, at Bayshore University, no longer in her families clutches and without their protection. There’s nothing to stop us from getting our revenge on her, no one to tell us enough is enough.

And so my brothers and I have devised a plan. We’ll break her, have her falling at her knees for us in no time, and then we’ll send her back to her family with a warning…

Cross the Bishops again and you’ll pay.


When Rivals Fall by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman set my heart on fire and it burnt bright as it swooned in overdrive the entire time I inhaled this addictively captivating story. I generally don’t read this genre because I am usually a one person kind of gal, but holy freaking goodness did I find myself falling head over heels in love with the Bishop brothers, Oliver, Banks, and Sullivan. Although I think my heart has an even softer spot for Oliver and I hope to see more of him in the next book in the Bayshore Rivals series. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I am eagerly anticipating the next installment, especially after that surprise ending!

This story took my heart on a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, making it nearly impossible to put the book down. I have only recently discovered this dynamic duo (this is my third book I have read in less than a month), but I am already a fan and can’t wait to see how many of their books I can get my hands on as soon as possible. The storyline is phenomenal and the characters are all amazing. I loved the Bishop brothers for sure and Harlow too! There were definitely some interesting moments throughout this story and I found myself experiencing an abundance of emotions as I read what went on between the Bishops and the Lockwoods. Two families divided and there is so much left to be discovered within their story. Surprises are underway in the next book, I can just feel it deep in my soul!



About J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

J.L. Beck & C. Hallman are two ladies with a love for coffee, books, and the bad boys who live inside them. 

They’re a dynamic duo who love writing all genres of romance, from erotica, to suspense. To date they’ve written ten books together and don’t plan to stop any time soon. 

When they aren’t writing you can find them making jokes, discussing their next book, arguing over cover photos, and of course drinking more coffee. 

They’re humble, and truly blessed to have found such amazing readers.

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